Traditional Archery Review | The Red Stag Recurve Bow by Samick!

In this traditional archery video we review the Samick Red Stag recurve bow. The Samick Red Stag I am reviewing is a 60″ bow from tip to tip and 55# draw at 28″ one piece recurve bow.

The Samick Red Stag is a good bow for the price point – about $200 delivered. In the video I talk about the positive and the negative points I have discovered so far. Overall, I am impressed with this bow. I love the look of the Samick Red Stag as well as the performance so far. One of the main negatives is that there is some slight hand shock. One of the main positives is the smooth draw, speed of the my 3 Rivers Traditional Only Easton arrows, and the look and feel of this bow.

If you are considering the Samick Red Stag, either in a take-down, longbow, or recurve configuration, I would recommend you watch this video first.

Do you own a Samick Red Stag? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this bow? Pros and cons.


Category: Bow Hunting

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