Tough Rugged Guy Survives Grizzly Bear Attack


Grizzly bears, especially females with cubs, are temperamental at this time of year, while fattening up before hibernation. Photo: Courtesy of the USFWS

Todd Orr of Montana encountered a Mother Grizzly and her cubs while scouting for elk.  Orr suffered major injuries but survived to talk about the terrifying ordeal.  Orr sprayed the Grizzly with bear spray with little to now effect prior to get mauled by the ferocious bear.

Orr stated “I just had a grizzly with two cubs come at me from about 80 yards…. I sprayed the sh** out of her with bear spray. Then I went [to the ground] on my face and protected the back of my neck…. She got my head good.”  Orr is truly a tough rugged man!!!

Read more at http://www.grindtv.com/random/grizzly-bear-attack-survivor-tough-guy-even-surgery/

Category: Outdoors
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