This BFF Showed Up And Screwed UP These Lions Dinner Plans.

A buffalo was on the verge of becoming dinner for a pride of lions… before his best friend stepped in. Usually, this kind of scene in South Africa ends with a tasty buffalo steak for the lions, but not this time. Just when an attacking lion thought he had the upper-hand, he got a bit of a (hilarious) surprise.

Well, I’ve seen a horse fly… I’ve seen a dragon fly… heck, I’ve even seen a house fly…

But I’ve never seen a LION fly!

The lions’ attempts met a disappointing end.

“Heyyy, I’m hungry…”



*lick lick*


“Okay, almost got it…”

“This hunting stuff is hard work.”

“One more try.”

Buffalo, to the rescue!

When you mess with the bull…

You get the horns!

No lions were hurt in the saving of this buffalo, but we do have a feeling the one that got tossed FELT like dying of shame. Source

Read more: http://viralnova.com/buffalo-lion/

Category: Big Game Hunting
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